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We are a dental staffing company, which fully utilizes our expertise to be an asset to your company. At AAA Dental Solutions, INC we provide alternatives for those stressful times of short-staffing and full schedules at your dental office. By counting with a temporary staff member you can keep production numbers up, employees happy and patients satisfied.

A unique feature of AAA is that both owners use their experience to work as temporary staff in order to know the offices, have them know us and select the best candidate that best satisfies your needs. This guarantees that workers and practices work smoothly towards the same goal.

At AAA Dental  Solutions we offer qualified dental professionals that are pre-screened and interviewed in order to ensure quality placements.

We understand that your practice as a business has a budget that is why we offer competitive rates for employee placement. In addition we want to save you time on searching and interviewing so you can devote it to your clients, and let us do the work of finding the best candidate that suits your needs in the shortest amount of time.

AAA Dental Solutions consists of a office manager-dental assistant-front desk with 20 years of experience on all areas. This complements our company with the best knowledge and expertise, since we certainly understand your responsibility as a person in charge.

The staff sent to your office will be paid directly by your practice. A separate fee will be paid directly to AAA Dental Solutions,INC. Please call us for our current temporary placement fees.

We ensure that all of our professional candidates have completed background and licensure checks as well as Hepatitis B status and all local state documents.

We are just call away 24-hours a day, and can fill your staffing vacancies the same day!!


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